William the Conqueror

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William The Conqueror are a whip-smart alternative rock band from the West Country. And whilst they don’t share too much in common with the former king and his wide-eyed tales of revolt and hardened rule, they do have a story to tell and they’re itching to tell it.

The latest chapter of that story is this new single, Wake Up, arriving via Chrysalis Records.

They’re not a new band, but they are probably new to you, so let’s call them that for argument’s sake. The trio have just taken a longer route to your attention. Getting match fit. Putting out records irregularly, getting their live show suitably frenetic, writing and writing some more. Ruarri Joseph, the vocalist and band lynchpin wrote a novel too, but more on that shortly (it’s no Domesday Book as such, but maybe that’s unimportant).

There’s lots more to come, in fact. For now though, spend some time getting to know this gorgeous slice of laissez-faire college rock that sits somewhere in a disorganised melee between Pavement, Speedy Ortiz and Built to Spill. It’s a shrug of the shoulders, effortless and erudite but not over baking it. It’s a fair tune, and a welcome introduction.

All you need know for now is that William The Conqueror are a band and you should get yourself acquainted. They’ve been expecting you.