Jack Cheshire

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‘…his best yet. Absolutely loving this’ – Lauren Laverne BBC 6 Music

‘lyrically, melodically and sonically compelling.’ ★★★★ MOJO

‘Spooky, pointillist, strings-driven pastoralia: beautiful…’ – The Sunday Times

‘…curious, idiosyncratic artful pop. Psychedelic in a very English way, it’s a literate return, one imbued with remarkable depth.’ – Clash

Third single from the forthcoming new album ‘FRACTAL FUTURE PLAYS’, ‘Widescreen’ is a cosmic wash of sunshine art-pop and West Coast psychedelia. Layers of shimmering melodic lines interweave to create a lush sonic mesh on which Cheshire projects his ‘Ian McCulloch-style croon’. Think Echo & the Bunnymen’s ‘Ocean Rain via The Byrds ‘The Notorious Byrd Brothers’ and Broadcasts ‘Tender Buttons’.

Otherworldly and dreamlike, it is a song about casting yourself back into a younger mind and viewing the world with starry eyes again. Reinhabiting distended pockets of time when your eyes were dilated and the synapses in your brain were all firing simultaneously.

The track features ethereal multi tracked backing vocals from Fini Bearman and stellar drums // percussion from producer Jon Scott. Originally one of the first songs to be recorded for the record, Cheshire & Scott mutually decided to dispose of their first iteration and re-imagine the track from the ground up. A slower pace, less guitars and a more considered hi-fi approach saw it blossom and become one of the stand out recordings on the album.

Of the inspiration for the song, Jack said:

‘There’s a certain age you reach, where you stop facing forward into the future and start to trace your own steps back into the past; you realise the person you’re becoming, realise your brain isn’t as malleable as you thought, and start to reconcile yourself with your foibles, flaws and the choices you’ve made. There’s something beautiful about coming to appreciate the nature of your own mind, understanding you were predisposed to certain things and really getting to know the mechanics.

However, before reaching that stage, it feels as though there are infinite variant paths to take, and a whole host of different potentialities to live out. The possible selves to pursue are endless. This song is about projecting back into that youthful ‘green’ mind, and reinhabiting it with the voice of hindsight.’

FRACTAL FUTURE PLAYS is out on the 27th November via Loose Tongue Records.

Jack cheshire