Jack Cheshire

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Jack Cheshire has announced the new single, ‘Black Light Theatre’, the third release from his fourth album of the same name.

He is also playing the all-dayer event, Irregular Folks’ Summer Sessions 2017 with Yorkston Thorne & Khan amongst others in July.

Following the release of the 2013 album ‘Long Mind Hotel’, the psych-folk artist holed himself away for eleven months whilst working on his fourth album, ‘Black Light Theatre’. Influenced by the likes of Can, Grizzly Bear, Television and notably, David Foster Wallace, and produced by Rob Ellis (PJ Harvey, Bat For Lashes), the title comes from Alexei Sayle‘s autobiography ‘Stalin Ate My Homework’ and one of the main themes of the record is getting older and losing your sense of wonder and awe. Jack says;

“In Alexei Sayle’s autobiography he is taken to Prague by his parents during his childhood, to see a theatre production where they employ this technique; black screen, dimmed lights, actors dressed all in black manipulate fluorescent props, and it appears magical.”

“What drew me to it is the wonder and awe he experiences the first time round (when he couldn’t see the actors and his disbelief was suspended), which directly correlates to his initial experience of the communist regime, as this wonderful utopian other. Then the reversal, as he goes to see the production again a couple of summers later, as he’s seeing past the positive facade of the state, and seeing a darker more troubling side, so he notices the actors and sees through the trick.”

“I felt like like this was a great metaphor for the album’s theme. On the one hand you’re becoming wiser and acquiring knowledge, seeing through the tricks, but on the other you’re losing the magic, that innocent suspension of disbelief. I like the imagery of the words themselves, the notion of Black Light.”


‘Black Light Theatre’ is the third single to emerge from Jack Cheshire’s fourth album. Previous cuts ‘Visitations’ and ‘Join The Dots’ received radio plays from Lauren Laverne at 6 Music, who selected ‘Visitations’ as her Headphones Moment, and elsewhere from Tom Robinson and Don Letts at 6 Music, John Kennedy at Radio X, Goldierocks at The Selector, Eddy Temple-Morris at Soho Radio, and across Amazing Radio. The band were also in session for John Kennedy back in February to support the album release, where they performed live versions of ‘Visitations’, ‘Join The Dots’, ‘Sweet Yellow Moon’ and ‘Black Light Theatre’. Alongside great radio support, the new album has been lauded by The Sunday Times, MOJO, Uncut and Clash Magazine to name a few.

Jack Cheshire embarked on a headline tour throughout March – April. In July, they will be performing alongside Yorkston Thorne & Khan and Rozi Plain amongst others at this year’s Irregular Folks’ Summer Session with more dates to be announced soon.